also I’m addicted to this song ‘Drinking and Driving’ by Jhene Aiko. I’m relating 100% right now.

I’m gonna hang out with this dumb son of a bitch tonight… the same one that I was saying I need a week long break from. what I really needed was some reciprocity and I kinda feel like I’m getting it?? idk. I had this long talk with my friend (who I’m not fucking) about my needs and needing to be alone and not pouring myself into this guy like I always do with a guy that puts his penis inside of me. I’m not really sure where to go from here. but we’re gonna hang out tonight, we’re probably gonna fuck tonight… idk.

someone come over and let me cook & bake things for you and give you massages. all I want in return is neck kisses and make out sessions and to get eaten out.

Hey beautiful my house is totally empty tonight and I was wondering if you'd like to come take my virginity? And give me pointers for pussy eaten lmao

um.. I’m gonna decline.. I’m not really into the whole virginity taking thing…

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It reminds me of the “bike to work” movement. That is also portrayed as white, but in my city more than half of the people on bike are not white. I was once talking to a white activist who was photographing “bike commuters” and had only pictures of white people with the occasional “Black professional” I asked her why she didn’t photograph the delivery people, construction workers etc. … ie. the Black and [Latin@] and Asian people… and she mumbled something about trying to “improve the image of biking” then admitted that she didn’t really see them as part of the “green movement” since they “probably have no choice” –

I was so mad I wanted to quit working on the project she and I were collaborating on.

So, in the same way when people in a poor neighborhood grow food in their yards … it’s just being poor– but when white people do it they are saving the earth or something.

comment left on the Racialious blog post “Sustainable Food & Privilege: Why is Green always White (and Male and Upper-Class)” (via meggannn)
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I dont normally post/reblog stuff like this, but jeasus christ im dying.



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giving oral sex is better than receiving sometimes idk man

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just realized you don’t need to say 6am or 6pm. we already know the m is there so just write like 6a or 6p. can’t believe no one figured this trick out before.

or you could do the easy thing and say 0600 and 1800

yeah like adding a bunch of unnecessary zeroes is easy. you piece of shit. you fucking coward

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Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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She carries a storm with her wherever she goes. The winds whip back and forth in front of her lips trying to saturate themselves with her words, so she speaks in hurricanes. She carries a bookstore in her heart and coffee on her lips, and I just want to sip and stay for awhile.
Joseph Cook (via jnc-ink)
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